ngenea is our ground-breaking on-demand data management solution, designed to harmonise globally distributed workflows, so that you can access your data whenever, wherever and however you need it – simply and cost-effectively.

Developed by pixitmedia to overcome the challenges of moving and accessing data across multiple storage platforms, ngenea provides an enormously scalable high-performance data management layer that extends the existing filesystem into alternative storage options to give you complete control of your data, on your terms.

ngenea wraps existing file, Cloud and object storage in a global namespace with a single view of the data – retaining the full path and filename wherever that may be. Integrated with pixstor’s powerful enhanced search capabilities, users and applications can find, read and access migrated data directly across distinct storage tiers – all in a seamless unified workflow.

With ngenea, you can quickly and securely transport data to and from globally distributed cloud, object storage, traditional NAS files and tape resources – automatically moving data into the ‘right cost’ resource according to value and usage as your work teams and business needs demand.


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