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The smart buyer's guide to flash

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3 years free virtualisation, 3 months deferred, 3 years to pay.

Today's storage needs are complex and now more than ever, businesses need to do more with less to control costs, without sacrificing performance or security. If you need to store more data, gain faster insights, improve data mobility, or improve resiliency and data protection, you need IBM FlashSystem.

And, if you aren’t already an IBM storage customer, now is the time to take a look at the FlashSystem family. Between now and the end of December, if you buy an FS7200 you’ll receive 3 years free virtualisation. And, if you choose to finance your new system via IBM Global Financing, you could defer payment for three months and pay over three years.

Surprisingly affordable storage

Easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to grow the new IBM FlashSystem family (now including Storwize) simplifies storage for hybrid multicloud. Developed with a unified set of software, tools and API’s, FlashSystem addresses the entire range of storage needs, all from one data platform that extends enterprise functionality throughout your storage estate.

With a recommended starting price of £200 per month for 26 TB it really is surprisingly affordable and packed with features.

Plus you can be assured of:

  • Six nines (99.9999%) data availability
  • 2x more usable capacity per drive (19.2TB vs. 38.4TB)
  • Max 4PB capacity in only 2U
  • 3- site replication

IBM FlashWatch

IBM FlashWatch is a suite of programs that enhances your experience of owning IBM FlashSystem storage. Bringing together programs which span the acquisition, operation and migration phases, this suite aims to reduce deployment and operational risks, to improve your support experience, and to offer a fully flexible, commitment-free hardware refresh.


  • High availability guarantee - Proven 99.9999% availability, with an optional 100% guarantee when using Hyperswap.
  • Data reduction guarantee - 2:1 self-certified (up to 5:1 with workload profiling)
  • All-inclusive licensing - All storage functions are included in the licensing cost for internal storage.


  • Comprehensive care - Up to 7 years of 24x7 support, with Technical Advisor, enhanced response times, and managed code upgrades.
  • Cloud analytics - IBM Storage Insights included at no extra cost so you can proactively manage your environment.
  • Flash endurance guarantee - Flash media is covered for all workloads while under warranty or maintenance.


  • IBM Flash momentum - Refresh your controller and storage every 3 years with full flexibility.
  • Cloud-like pricing -IBM Storage Utility pricing has monthly payments for only the storage you use.
  • No cost migration - 90-day, no cost data migration from over 500 storage controllers, both IBM and non-IBM.

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