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"World's leading experts in designing functional safety upfront for high demand products in Automotive & Aerospace industries" 

Thanks to our proprietary 5-Step System, we enable Automotive & Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Tier n Suppliers, Start-ups, Consultancies and Service Providers to embed safety as a vector for increased value into their global products and client offering. As a result, we are the world’s leading experts in embedding Functional

Safety upfront into high-demand products. We have a proven track record of enabling our clients to be self-sufficient after doing our foundation work which means they become self reliant and subsequently they only need ongoing support for their continual improvement and independent assessments. We work with our partners who are globally amongst the best in what they do. Collectively, we have a global footprint and offer end to end Functional Safety, Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF), Cybersecurity and Systems Engineering Consultancy Services from Concept Phase to Start of Production – be it for a hardware part, software component, system, or the complete vehicle."


If you would like to learn from the experts for free, or if you have any challenges related to #functionalsafety that you want to address or questions about implementing the latest safety analysis techniques (such as #stpa [Systems Theoretic Process Analysis])  in real projects in your organization, please book a strategy session with our CEO here or read our latest news.


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