Budgeting Solutions

Budgeting Solutions is a leading consultancy with a proven track record of implementing powerful business intelligence and financial performance management applications that are designed to address the planning,  forecasting, reporting and analysis challenges faced by organisations everywhere.

We work closely with IBM and recommend IBM Cognos performance management and analytic solutions, which we believe to be the most advanced, powerful and reliable applications available, having consistently delivered outstanding results for us, over the last ten years.

Our business model is based upon advice and partnership. First, we listen. We focus on the problems you have to solve rather than the products and solutions we have to sell. Then, we propose personalised solutions that address your individual challenges. We are with you for the full journey too: many of our customers have been with us for five or more years. Why? Because they know we remain committed to simplifying their business processes and generating actionable insights that deliver dynamic results.

Each assignment is unique, requiring a blend of technical knowledge, management processes and accounting issues that combined deliver a solution which transforms the planning and reporting functions of an organisation.

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