Alpharithm Technologies

Alpharithm Technologies (ART) is a leading IA, Data & AI solution provider. Originating from Asia-Pacific, we are a 12 year established multi-award winning IBM Platinum Business Partner, now expanding our successful business outcome based capabilities across Europe.

Our use cases are all based-on delivering data management, governance, integrity and data quality-related software solutions across a range of industries i.e. Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Pharma, Media & Government.

Our flagship solution is SiNGL which collates master data from source systems, cleanses, de-duplicates and using industry-specific algorithms delivers a “Golden Record”. This combines data governance and master data management, all packaged up for delivery within three months.

We have in depth experience working with a broad range of clients and collaborating with fellow Arrow Business Partners. We would be delighted to discuss our award-winning approaches listed above, including our client experiences with you. Discover the ART @ Alpharithm Technologies