Automating Work Part 4

This blog is part of a series. Click here to read Part 1 of the Automating work blog ‘What it means and why it matters’.  Part 2 ‘What does Automation success look like?’  and Part 3 ‘Where to start?’ At any time, you can reach out to automation specialists Insight 2 Value to organise a Business Automation Readiness Workshop to help you accelerate your journey and plan your next steps. 

The IBM Platform

IBM offers a modular set of integrated AI-powered automation software, built for any cloud, for business and IT users.

Notably, it is a full-service automation solution with some of the market’s broadest automation capabilities: capture, content, decisions, process modelling, process mining and workflow – driving business transformation for enterprises.

Using the platform, you can create agile business applications, apply actionable insights using shared data and make continuous improvements, using integrated automation technologies, AI and low-code tools to achieve better business performance.  

Start small and scale

You can mix and match these essential core automation capabilities based on your business requirements:

  • Use bots to automate routine human tasks
  • Share, manage and collaborate on content
  • Design and manage start-to-finish workflows from complex to simple from Case to Straight Through
  • Automate decisions with business rules
  • Capture, classify and extract data from content

These core automation capabilities, powered by AI, are available in a flexible model through the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation.

They can be deployed on-premise, hosted as a managed service on your behalf by Insight 2 Value in the IBM Cloud  – or finally, we can install it in a Cloud environment of your choosing.  

The IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation provides containerised software that’s Red Hat OpenShift certified and built on a common analytics layer that gives insights into your operational insights and productivity. 

“Platform standardisation is expected to open the door for even more automation efforts. Having already invested in IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business, more business managers and leaders can extend the platform to their needs without having to start from scratch.”

Is an Automation solution right for you?

A full range automation solution can fit any business, but you’ll use it differently if you’re big versus small, customer-facing versus internal-facing, heavily regulated versus lightly regulated and departmental versus cross-enterprise.  

Essentially, automation solutions are designed to provide a complete, integrated set of capabilities for automating all types of work. Think of popular office platforms that connect multiple programs together, allowing users to easily mix and match capabilities as needed.  

A complete automation solution can deliver the benefits of other solution options—customisation of writing code, fast time-to-market of packaged apps, best-in-class capabilities of point solutions—in a single, integrated package. Furthermore, the best ones are designed to enable digital transformation while avoiding a proliferation of automation solutions that demand more people, platforms and skills. 

While every user story is a unique and critical starting point in the tech selection process, the following scenarios stand out as likely candidates for a platform solution:  

  • Loan origination and servicing  
  • Benefits and eligibility management  
  • Policy underwriting and claims processing  
  • Customer, employee and vendor onboarding  
  • Regulatory and compliance management  
  • Transportation and logistics management  
  • Patient care management  
  • Fraud and risk management  
  • Customer service  
  • Trade finance  

An end-to-end automation solution is the right fit for the following criteria:  

  • You need some amount of customisation, but don’t want to have to write code from scratch for everything.
  • You’ve tried packaged apps, but they’re not doing what you need them to do.  
  • You need to go to market fast and make changes quickly.  
  • You want your capabilities to be integrated rather than disparate products from different vendors. 

To learn more about the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation solution  

Read the ROI study  IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential ROI enterprises may realise by implementing the IBM automation software platform. Read the full benefits and costs analysis here – The Total Economic Impact Of The IBM Automation Platform For Digital Business.

Watch our Refund Scenario demo  See an example of how the core capabilities of the IBM business automation solution work together to build an intelligent automation solution.  

Schedule a half-day free-of-charge Business Automation planning workshop – Insight 2 Value are automation specialists. We’ll sit down with you to understand your current cost models and work through the potential to eliminate your sunk ECM costs and build a Return on Investment model to accelerate your move to a consumption-based cloud platform. We’ll also help you navigate the technical steps you’ll need to take to minimise business disruption and explain the different options available to you in adding Business Automation into your overall Cloud Strategy.

In the final blog in the series, we’ll look at some key takeaways.

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