Karantis360 wins Health Tech Digital award

UK predictive care management start up Karantis360 won the award for Best Elderly Care Technology Solution at the Health Tech Digital Awards 2020.

Working with IBM,  Karantis 360 developed a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and IoT sensors designed to actively monitor patterns of behaviour of vulnerable people living at home. Using analytics based on various sensor data it keeps a ‘watchful eye’ and flags anything that is out of character and anomalous. For example, someone with dementia who has left the property at an unexpected hour or has become less active than learned behaviour expects.

Helen Dempster, founder and chief visionary officer of Karantis360 said: “The solution was developed as a result of personal experience and seeing an opportunity to make a real difference. We wanted to create a solution that allows people to receive the care that they need and deserve whilst maintaining their dignity and independence. We have developed something that goes far beyond technologies that work on pressure sensors and alarms. Our application learns each individual’s pattern of behaviours – as everyone is different – and if there are changes, alerts are sent to the care provider and the family via an app on their smartphone which allows them to then take the appropriate safeguarding actions immediately.”

During the pandemic, the business offered the at-home monitoring solution at cost price to assist caregivers in keeping older adults and the vulnerable safe.