WEBINAR: AI For Insurers - Automated Claims Processing

As insurers adapt to staff working from home, improving employee efficiency, and elevating customer satisfaction is key to success within an ultra-competitive industry.

With huge strides forward being made in AI and Process Automation, various industries have already sought new ways of interacting with the end-client, employing highly intelligent, robotic workers to create seamless, efficient interactions that remove lengthy processes.

When faced with the very same challenge within insurance, Lloyds Banking Group quickly adapted to the changing climate by introducing an improved ‘customer claims experience’ that allowed data to support claims handlers in making more informed decisions; removing on average 30% of the insurer’s operating costs.

Join Prolifics and the IBM Insurance team on 25th November as they explore how insurers can rapidly deploy an AI-powered solution that can handle up to 70% of all claims automatically with transparent and debiased AI predictions.

Event Agenda

12:00 - 12:15

Creating Competitive Advantages

Why Lloyds decided they needed change.

A data-driven approach to the future.

Instant benefits seen by Lloyds.


12:15 - 12:25

Powering Data with AI

Meet the Prolifics bots: Utilising RPA and BPA with Archie and Leia.

Translating unstructured data to AI.


12:25 - 12:30

Wrap-up with Q&A session

Ask the IBM and Prolifics team your questions.