What do you need from your software defined storage?

These days, it seems that everyone’s talking Software Defined Storage (SDS). But here’s the thing: Celerity has been around long enough to know that SDS isn’t really new. It sounds new and some of the baffling terminology is new, but SDS has been around in one form or another for a long time.

It used to be that people would talk about microcode on controllers, whereas now it’s about software on servers or applications in the cloud.

To make it more confusing, not all solutions are created equal. Again, nothing new, or necessarily surprising, here. But when those that shout loudest have a limited range of solution options, it’s easy to see why perspectives can become narrowed.

To cut through the noise, you need to know where you are and where you want to get to. It’s only when you’ve completed this exercise, that you’ll be able to filter out those that can and those that can’t help you. You need a partner that can guide you through this process, before building a solution around your needs, now and with the future in mind.

IBM’s Spectrum Protect is closely aligned with our methodologies, and Celerity has developed a significant amount of our own IP to enable customers to get the most from the solution.

Like many business leaders, you’re likely to have a number of IT challenges facing you at the moment:

  • Is your hardware environment heterogeneous or have you tried to stay with one vendor where possible?
  • How dispersed is your IT estate? Across a town, a county, the country or internationally?
  • Are you already largely cloud-based, on-premise, or very much hybrid?
  • What types of data and applications are you already working with?

The list will likely go on and on…

Celerity’s Custodian portfolio, encompassing Spectrum Protect will help you to cut through the noise and create clarity and deliver the cost savings, performance enhancements and data protection benefits you’re looking for.

Learn more about Software Defined Storage with Celerity Custodian and IBM Spectrum Protect here.


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