Podcast Series: Episode 9 | Are you prepared for a future where IoT is king?

Podcast Series: Episode 9 - Are you prepared for a future where IoT is king?



Richard Holmes, Business Development Director IoT at Arrow ECS

Arrow ECS

Guest Speakers:

David Sowerbutts, CEO, Oxygen Associates

In this IT Insider podcast, David and Richard discuss the growing urgency for organisations to prepare their infrastructure so that it can support digital innovation and drive competitive advantage in an increasingly mobile-centric world. With leading industry analysts such as Forrester predicting that in 2018, IoT will move from experimentation to business scale – forming the backbone of future customer value - the untapped potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) can pose either a challenge or opportunity for today’s business leaders.

Listen to this 30 minute podcast to discover:

  • How organisations are managing to use growing volumes and varieties of data for competitive advantage
  • Why IoT is likely to play such a key role in driving both customer and business insight
  • How some industries are already taking advantage of IoT – bringing it into our everyday lives
  • What the future holds and how organisations can prepare for both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead

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For more information in relation to this podcast, please visit the Oxygen Associates website or contact David directly at david@oxygenassociates.com.

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