Podcast Series: Episode 8 | If you're not managing your data, how are you managing your business?

Podcast Series: Episode 8 - If you're not managing your data, how are you managing your business?



Richard Holmes, Data Centre Solutions Leader, Arrow

Guest Speakers:

Steve Parry, Executive Vice President, and Guy Bradshaw, Vice President, UK & Ireland, of information management consultancy firm Entity Group.

In this podcast, Steve and Guy address some of the data governance challenges facing businesses in today’s increasingly rigorous regulatory landscape. With most organisations now well aware of their obligations, the question becomes one of how to fulfil them and even capitalise on the opportunities that good data governance can generate.

In around 30 minutes, the podcast touches on topics such as:

  • The value of data as a corporate asset and how to get the very best from it
  • How regulatory imperatives bring data management to the fore and create a mandate for action
  • How the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in particular is changing the relationship between companies and their ‘data subjects’
  • Establishing a roadmap to get to where you need to be
  • What success looks like

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