Podcast Series: Episode 10


Host: Richard Holmes, Business Development Director IoT, UK/Ireland, Arrow.

Guest Speakers: Glen Burson, UK Chief Technology Officer of ecommerce services provider Salmon, and Alex Rutter, Director of Watson Customer Engagement UK & Ireland at IBM.

The launch of IBM WebSphere Commerce version 9 in late 2017 has brought a whole new level of agility to businesses that need to adapt quickly to changing operating conditions. This podcast explores the impact of version 9 on real-world businesses, and how its new features translate into sharper competitive advantage.

It explains how behind-the scenes changes to the platform, such as the use of container technology in version 9, are helping businesses with a consumer focus do all the things that they need to do to exceed their customers’ expectations and improve the buying experience. By spending less time managing the platform and more time innovating, businesses can launch new product streams, product features and ecommerce websites, and rapidly realign their go-to-market strategies.

Critically, with version 9, fast-moving businesses can access enterprise-scale software in the cloud. By eliminating concerns about reliability and security, version 9 makes the adoption of a cloud-first strategy a reality.

This, in turn, means that businesses in cyclical sectors such as retail can scale up and bring more computing resources on stream to support their ecommerce operations during peak periods of demand, such as Christmas, Black Friday, mid-season sales…and then scale back down.

There’s no need to purchase and install infrastructure and then maintain it for the rest of the year, as is the case with on-premise infrastructure. The cost-savings and increase in agility are obvious.

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