Podcast Series: Episode 6



Richard Holmes, Data Centre Solutions Leader, Arrow ECS

Guest Speaker:
Anthony Ryland, Co-Founder and Managing Director of HR consultancy Tap’d Solutions

In this podcast, Anthony Ryland discusses the role of data analytics in transforming both public and private sector organisations. In under 30 minutes, Anthony explores the people issues that organisations face in tackling some of the key considerations around the future of work.

Uncovering insight

The podcast outlines how data analytics can reveal the answers to searching questions, such as:

- Where is our best talent?

- How do we help our best talent to reach their full potential?

- Where can we find the right new talent?

- How do we gain maximum ROI on our recruitment strategy?

- Where are we experiencing unwelcome attrition, and why are we losing good people?

- How can we maintain a continuous dialogue with our employees?

Visit the Tap’d website for more information on the challenges and opportunities raised in the podcast. Alternatively, register to attend the Tap’d Transforming HR Strategies forum in London on the 11th October.


The IT Insider podcasts invite guest speakers, from within the IT channel and across different business sectors, to explore a hot topic that’s proving particularly relevant in today’s digital world.

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