Podcast Series: Episode 5

Addressing Marketing & Data Technology Challenges



Richard Holmes, Data Centre Solutions Leader, Arrow ECS

Guest Speakers:

Victoria Manning, Client Development Director, Bench

Adele Ross, Head of Operations, Bench


This IT Insider podcast looks at how organisations can maximise the business value they drive from their technology investments – ensuring they have the right data, people, process and governance in place.

Discussing some of the key challenges and opportunities that business leaders are facing today, vendor-independent technology experts aim to answer the following questions:

- How can you avoid a ‘Frankenstack’ scenario with legacy systems – breaking down any technology and departmental silos across the business to ensure maximum business value?

- Do next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing have a practical application in many businesses today?

- How can you separate the ‘nice to haves’ from the ‘need to haves’ when making decisions regarding marketing and data technologies?

- What impact will regulatory changes such as the GDPR and permissions management have in the foreseeable future and are businesses prepared? How can business leaders turn this challenge from threat to opportunity?

- Have the data management and marketing strategies within most organisations reached the level of maturity needed to take advantage of next-generation technologies, such as IBM Watson?

- What impact does a lack of collaboration and consultation between IT and marketing teams have on the overall business and how can this be addressed?

As a trusted, independent advisor working with leading organisations across a wide range of industry sectors, Bench runs regular ‘Knowledge Bench’ events. You can explore the latest topics and register for upcoming events on their website.

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The IT Insider Podcast Series

In support of The IT Insider’s objective to provide business leaders with thought leadership around the latest trends and technologies that can drive profitable growth and competitive advantage, we are pleased to launch our new podcast channel.

Each episode invites guest speakers, from both within the IT channel and across different business sectors, to explore a hot topic that’s proving particularly relevant in today’s digital world.

Episode 1: The benefits of hybrid cloud for innovation

Episode 2: The progression and future of BI in the workplace

Episode 3: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Episode 4: Delivering reliable and predictable financials in an uncertain world


Upcoming podcasts will explore topics ranging from how you can improve financial performance management to why taking a proactive approach to whistleblowing can prove critical to business success.

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