Podcast Series: Episode 1

Welcome to The IT Insider Podcast Series

In support of The IT Insider’s objective to provide business leaders with thought leadership around the latest trends and technologies that can drive profitable growth and competitive advantage, we are pleased to launch our new podcast channel.

Each episode will invite guest speakers, from both within the IT channel and across different business sectors, to explore a hot topic that’s proving particularly relevant in today’s digital world. Upcoming podcasts will explore topics ranging from the progression and future of business intelligence (BI) in the workplace, to how you can improve financial performance management and ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Episode 1: The benefits of hybrid cloud for innovation

The first IT Insider podcast focuses on the growing need for organisations to undergo digital transformation to meet changing customer demands and stay ahead of the competition.

- How does hybrid cloud help to address this challenge and what type of projects are proving most successful in the real world?

- With speed of the essence in such a competitive market, can cloud not only accelerate digital transformation, but also reduce the cost and risk involved?

- What opportunities are out there right now and how can organisations take advantage?

This podcast looks to answer these questions and more:

Richard Holmes, Data Centre Solutions Leader, Arrow ECS

Guest Speakers:
Mike Owen-Lloyd, UK CEO, Prolifics
Matt Deadman, Digital Transformation Specialist, Arrow ECS

Listen to podcast:

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