Accelerate your journey to AI with the IBM ESS Storage System 3000 and NVIDIA DGX A100

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Simplify, scale and support the complete lifecycle of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL) is powering innovation across industries from healthcare to autonomous vehicles and agriculture. Businesses that recognise the value of their data for decisions and actions are turning to DL systems that can rapidly ingest, accurately interpret, and quickly provide key data insights from the volumes of new data generated now and in the future.

Free proof of concept on the IBM ESS Storage System 3000 and NVIDIA DGX A100 - the first universal system for all AI workloads.

Together IBM and NVIDIA provide an integrated, individually scalable compute and storage solution. IBM Spectrum Storage for AI with NVIDIA® DGX™ systems simplifies and accelerates AI.

You get the scalable throughput you need to support groundbreaking performance and data science workloads; more GPU-accelerated servers in a single rack; and extended data management that drives developer productivity.

The NVIDIA DGX A100 is the enterprise blueprint for scalable AI infrastructure. IBM brings together the infrastructure of both file and object storage with NVIDIA DGX A100 to create an end-to-end solution. It is integrated with the ability to catalogue and discover, in real-time, all the data for an AI solution from both IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Spectrum Scale storage.

Moving to a new enterprise platform is a significant commitment for organisations, despite the huge benefits it can offer. That’s why Boston, in conjunction with Arrow Electronics, is offering free access to the IBM and NVIDIA systems for customers to try before they buy.

Simplify, scale and support the complete lifecycle of AI: from data ingest, to training and inference.

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