DOT Group

DOT Group is a group of experienced data management practitioners who focus on three guiding principles; KNOW Your Data, TRUST Your Data and USE Your Data. We are IBM Gold Partners and with 20 years of experience under our belt we bring industry specific insights, deep technical expertise and knowledge of IBM Solutions (Data Warehouse, Integration, MDM, Business Intelligence including Predictive Analytics, Data Science) to resolve your business challenges. We even make it easier for you to implement any data management solutions by offering, on-premise, cloud, hybrid models. Our solutions fall into three categories:

Know Your Data. Often the first steps to tackle data management issues are to understand the data landscape whether it be ‘structured or unstructured’ and DOT Group is equipped with the data discovery tools and solutions to leverage data assets and populate the Governance Catalog.

Trust Your Data. Well-governed data provides confidence in not just the data itself, but the outcomes from analytics and reports. We ensure you have the confidence in your data by making it secure, compliant to regulations such as GDPR. 

Use Your Data. Use your data as a source for insights and intelligence. DOT Group can help generate actionable, data-driven insights for business users.

Irrespective what data challenges you are facing– rising data management costs, fear of non-compliance or inability to monetise data: DOT Group can offer a solution that’s just right for you. Contact us today for a free a data discovery workshop 


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