• Practical Ways You Can Prepare Your IBM Environment


    In this guest post, Chilli IT talk about the opportunity to make changes that will benefit business short term and in the future. 

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  • Can you manage your growing IBM i skills gap?


    Are you one of the growing number of organisations in the UK that have applications running on IBM hardware with dwindling or no IBM i skills to support it? Read this article by Chill IT about the options available.

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  • Does your DR solution provide the right level of protection?


    Are you providing the right level of availability to your business? Would a high availability solution provide more protection as the impact of unexpected downtime on businesses grows?

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  • Ensuring data availability in today’s ‘I want it now’ world


    No data = no business. Chilli IT talk to The IT Insider about how to ease the pressure on IT teams who must ensure round-the-clock availability of data.

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  • Are you taking your server for granted?


    How many of us use a mobile phone over three years old? Why would a business choose to run on old servers?

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