• The trends driving back up and recovery in 2021


    As 2020 ends and a new year starts, The It Insider caught up with Rick Norgate, managing director at Predatar, to talk about what trends we’ll see in 2021.

  • IBM FlashWatch animation


    IBM FlashWatch is a suite of programs that enhances your experience of owning IBM FlashSystem storage.

  • Introducing IBM FlashWatch


    Reduce deployment and operational risks, improve your support experience and experience a fully flexible, commitment-free hardware refresh.

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  • A better way to grow


    Get the latest high-performance IBM flash technology with virtualisation software included, all at surprisingly affordable prices.

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  • Preparing IT for when demand returns


    Could your infrastructure handle a surge in demand? Managed Service Provide, IT Naturally, give us some tips to make sure you've prepared for the unexpected.

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  • Storage made simple


    We take a look back at this year's storage announcements and what it means for business.

  • Meet the Insiders: Neil Whitmore, HAYNE


    Neil talks to The IT Insider about his journey from employment, to contractor, to business owner, specialising in the very systems he had used to do his job

  • What is a Digital Twin?


    In this guest blog, IBM Gold Business Partner MACS explore the benefits of having a digital twin and how it can be used to ensure your business continues to run efficiently. Learning how to utilise a digital twin, to assist in the optimisation of your business.

  • Delivering certainty in uncertain times: the crystal ball of cashflow


    2020 has been a challenging year on many fronts and it’s been increasingly imperative to understand in real-time how the cash flow of a business might be affected, and whether there was a need to raise equity to shore up the balance sheet.

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  • AI For Insurers: Automated Claims Processing
    AI For Insurers: Automated Claims Processing


    As insurers adapt to staff working from home, improving employee efficiency, and elevating customer satisfaction is key to success within an ultra-competitive industry.

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  • Karantis360 wins Health Tech Digital award


    UK predictive care management start up Karantis360 won the award for Best Elderly Care Technology Solution at the Health Tech Digital Awards 2020.

  • WEBINAR: Dinosaur to Disruptor: Insurance
    WEBINAR: Dinosaur to Disruptor: Insurance


    The insurance industry is moving faster than ever, with a growing importance being placed on innovation, while combatting Insurtech disruptors who can provide seamless, on-demand services in a matter of days compared to months.

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  • Ten minutes with Alpharithm Technologies


    In this new interview we caught up with the team at Alpharithm Technologies, a global IBM partner with offices in London, India and Singapore.

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  • DTB SoundByte series: Episode 3


    Listen to this great four-episode series from DeeperThanBlue about the latest in cloud and integration. 

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  • Business users care about insight, not methods


    In this guest blog from Smart Vision Europe we find out why it's important not to overlook the value of quick wins in analytics projects

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  • The Fact and Fiction of Cognitive Computing – Part 2


    So, what does the future hold for cognitive computing?  In this blog, John Watkins of Arrow looks at the likely trends with a focus on engagement, decision making and discovery.

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  • Technology’s role in the new customer experience


    In this guest blog, Rob Davis, Business Development Director, TES Enterprise Solutions gives us his views on the role that technology has to play in improving the customer experience. And we learn more about KodyPay, a UK-based startup transforming financial transactions with a twist.

  • The importance of investing in IT infrastructure


    Jamie Cozens, co-founder of Maple Computing talks about the importance of not standing still during the new normal we find ourselves in.

  • Meet the Insiders: Function Six


    Next in our Meet the Insiders series is Jon von der Heyden, partner at new consultancy Function Six.

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  • DTB SoundByte series: Episode 2


    Listen to episode two in this great new series by DeeperThanBlue discussing the latest in cloud and integration.

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  • Adapting the Product Life Cycle for Complexity


    Development processes need to be iterative and recursive, but there is still a need to model and develop products in a way that is first and foremost concerned with the behaviour of the system as a whole. Thinking in these terms has produced the ‘V model’.

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  • DS Dash: Voice Transcription


    DS Dash has launched a new AI based transcription package that overcomes many of the drawbacks that affect existing transcription software

  • Meet the Insiders: Kevin Harper and Jamie Cozens, Maple Computing


    In this new interview we spend ten minutes with Kevin Harper and Jamie Cozens, co-founders of IBM Gold Business Partner, Maple Computing.

  • Transitioning your IBM applications into the Blue Chip Cloud - How it Works


    Enhanced flexibility, connectivity and ability are just a handful of the reasons organisations decide to migrate to the cloud. But what’s involved in the process and how long does it take?

  • DTB SoundByte Podcast Series


    Listen to this great new series by DeeperThanBlue discussing the latest in cloud and integration.

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  • Why Use Systems Engineering?


    In the first of this six-part series from SyntheSys Technologies exploring the fundamentals, principles and practices of systems engineering we ask the question - why use systems engineering?.

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  • Workforce planning for 2020 and beyond


    Workforce planning is concerned with putting the right people in place at the right time, ultimately to equip organisations to meet their long-term goals. But what happens when your plans for the future are overtaken by more immediate concerns?

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  • Implementing the right strategy for application modernisation


    When faced with legacy systems, disparate technologies and the increasing demand for tailored experiences from your customers, application modernisation and the requirement for cloud technologies truly do become essential.

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  • Locked down but not locked out


    Against the backdrop of an unprecedented and highly challenging situation, the investments and innovations Blue Chip have made help ensure that it’s “business as usual” for their base of over 600 worldwide customers

  • Meet the Insiders: Helen Dempster, Karantis360


    First hand experience of the care system and the challenges it presents for families was behind Helen Dempster's mission to transform the care experience using smart technology and the launch of Karantis360.

  • Meet the Insiders: Mark Williamson, SyntheSys


    This month we caught up with Mark Williamson, director at SyntheSys about his journey from the RAF to systems engineering.

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  • Intelligent technology plays vital role in home care


    UK predictive care management start-up Karantis360, working with IBM, has developed a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and IoT sensors designed to actively monitor patterns of behaviour of vulnerable people living at home.

  • Choosing a predictive analytics project


    Getting started with a predictive analytics project can be daunting. We caught up with IBM business partner Smart Vision Europe to find out more about the process and the pitfalls.

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  • Blue Chip: cloud experts with sustainability at the core


    Now more than ever, it is important that businesses can rely on their critical infrastructure. The IT Insider recently interviewed Matthew Bailey, National Sales Manager at Blue Chip to learn more about how it has created a business which has more than stepped up to the demands its clients.

  • Meet The Insiders: York Woodford-Smith


    In this new interview, The It Insider caught up with York Woodford-Smith, founder of video production company, Five on a Bike.

  • Getting to know SyntheSys Technologies


    SyntheSys caught up with technology aggregators, Arrow, about the current engineering landscape and how our Collaborative Engineering Management approach is helping major players upskill teams, improve processes and automate elements of the engineering life cycle.

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  • IBM announces major reshuffle to its storage line-up


    Steve Horobin, Arrow IBM Storage TAM, told the IT Insider what he made of the changes to the IBM storage product line-up. All change in the Storwize family, in fact the end of the Storwize name

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  • How enterprises are integrating engineering data in the age of increasing product complexity


    Only fifteen years ago your car had just a few lines of software code. Yet things have changed. Cars are increasingly complex digital systems on wheels. Given this complexity, the fallout of not marrying software engineering with product engineering would be catastrophic.

  • Introducing the updated IBM Flash System portfolio


    Hear more about the changes to the IBM storage portfolio designed to simplify your storage infrastructure, reduce complexity and cut costs, while continuing to deliver extensive innovation.

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  • Can you manage your growing IBM i skills gap?


    Are you one of the growing number of organisations in the UK that have applications running on IBM hardware with dwindling or no IBM i skills to support it? Read this article by Chill IT about the options available.

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  • Meet the Insiders: Ben Foakes
    Meet the Insiders: Ben Foakes


    Next up on our new, Meet the Insiders, series we grab ten minutes with Ben Foakes, founder and MD of digital media cloud specialist, BASE Media Cloud.

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  • Meet the Insiders: Lubo Cheytanov
    Meet the Insiders: Lubo Cheytanov


    In this new interview for Meet the Insiders we chat to Lubo Cheytanov, CEO of L3C - IBM Power experts. Here he shares how he got into his industry, how it’s going and what the market has in store.

  • Meet the Insiders: Tony Lackey
    Meet the Insiders: Tony Lackey


    In our new series, Meet the Insiders, we chat to Tony Lackey co-founder and MD of marine software specialist, SRO Solutions, to find out more about how and why he got into the industry.

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  • No budget? No problem!


    If the pace of change means your budgets are struggling to keep up, IBM Global Financing could be the answer. We caught up with IBM partner Deeper Than Blue who told us that IBM Global Financing can make the implementation of new IT solutions a reality.

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  • Adopting a layered approach to phishing


    Phishing remains one of the primary methods attackers use to target organisations. By studying their targets and employing new methods, hackers can still bypass security filters and prey on employees.

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