• The fact and fiction of cognitive computing - part 1


    Could cognitive computing destroy humankind? Both the late, great, Professor Stephen Hawking and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk have urged caution but how seriously should we take the claim? Surely the benefits that such technologies promise must outweigh any theoretical risk? 

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  • Analytics 2020


    As we look towards 2020, we caught up with IBM Partner MHR Analytics to find out what to expect in 2020.

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  • Is your business IoT ready?


    Will 2020 be the year that your organisation embraces IoT? If you're considering it, take a look at our top five considerations.

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  • Does your DR solution provide the right level of protection?


    Are you providing the right level of availability to your business? Would a high availability solution provide more protection as the impact of unexpected downtime on businesses grows?

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  • Your journey to the cloud


    How difficult is it to become a ‘digitally native’ business and what steps do you have to take? In this blog, DeeperThanBlue share their thoughts and consider IBM’s Cloud Pak offering and what it offers organisations in terms of their journey to the cloud.

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  • Top qualities to look for when picking an analytics provider…
    Top qualities to look for when picking an analytics provider…


    In this guest blog, MHR Analytics give The IT Insider their five top tips to keep in mind when choosing an analytics provider.

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  • Part 2: The IBM Onion of Security – it will make Hackers Cry!


    John Watkins, Technical Account Manager at Arrow looks in detail at the tangible benefits IBM security solutions can deliver.

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  • Everyday cyber security - what not to do


    Unaware and untrained employees tend to be one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to cyber security within an organisation.

  • Ensuring data availability in today’s ‘I want it now’ world


    No data = no business. Chilli IT talk to The IT Insider about how to ease the pressure on IT teams who must ensure round-the-clock availability of data.

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  • The IBM Onion of Security – it will make Hackers Cry!


    John Watkins, IBM Software Technical Account Manager at Arrow tells The IT Insider about the IBM onion of security and how it works to protect business critical assets

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  • Machine learning tools for data – the bridge to a new era of AI
    Machine learning tools for data – the bridge to a new era of AI


    Machine learning tools can support enterprises in building a solid information architecture as a platform for innovative AI initiatives. Paul Ranson, Commercial Director at the DOT Group, tells us more.

  • Are you taking your server for granted?


    How many of us use a mobile phone over three years old? Why would a business choose to run on old servers?

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  • One year on – will your organisation pass its GDPR MOT?


    The ICO has always made it clear that it views GDPR compliance as a journey rather than as a destination. One year on from the introduction of the regulations, we spoke to Viqtor Davis to get a view on what companies might be missing on their journey to compliance.

  • Get better data-driven insights and predict real-time outcomes


    The quantity of structured and unstructured data available to organisations is soaring – and they are relying on it more than ever. Yet, despite the importance of such information, many companies struggle to simplify the complex nature of all the data streams available to them.

  • What do you need from your software defined storage?


    Celerity talk to The It Insider about the importance of knowing where you are and where you want to get to before building an SDS solution that will meet your needs

  • PSD2: Complying with a game-changing regulatory framework


    Radical change in the retail banking sector continues to unfold, with new regulatory standards being rolled out across Europe. As some banks struggle to meet challenging deadlines, help is available to ease the pain.

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  • Predictive analytics in action


    We caught up with MHR Analytics to look at predictive analytics in action, exploring how it’s used across different industries to improve processes, solve problems and increase overall profitability.

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  • Workforce planning and agility in a changing world


    The world of work is changing fast and employers must adopt a more agile approach to managing the capabilities of their people. We talk to AFM about how IBM Watson Talent Frameworks could help.

  • Test early. Test often.


    When is the right time to test software? IBM Partner DeeperThanBlue Unify put a strong case for regarding testing as a thread that runs throughout the software delivery pipeline.

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  • The perfect storm that threatens your data


    With multiple backup and recovery products in place, your corporate data is surely protected from a whole range of threats: accidental deletion of a critical file, server failure, fire and flood, malware, ransomware…or is it?

  • Digital automation for the insurance market


    Datum share their experience of supporting the to digital transformation the insurance market - moving away from legacy paper-based systems to online processing and storage of documentation.

  • Are you prepared for the EU compliance challenge of EPREL?


    2019 brings yet another major EU compliance challenge for businesses. This time it affects any company selling an energy-labelled device into EU member countries.

  • Is your business ready for real-time marketing?


    We caught up with the experts at Purple Square Consulting to talk about real-time marketing and the opportunities it can deliver.

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  • Looking to adopt AI? Setting realistic expectations can help you succeed


    If you're looking to adopt AI in your business, having realistic expectations and an idea of the pitfalls is important. In this article, the experts from Logicalis set out some of the things you need to be aware of.

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  • The analytics trends to watch in 2019


    When it comes to analytics in 2019, there are a number of trends and technologies that will see the space markedly changed from 2018.

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