Top Tips: Taking advantage of IoT

Forecasts for how big an impact the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on the business world vary enormously, but the general consensus is that the all-important ‘potential’ really does exist.

Implemented correctly, IoT has the potential to change everything from how organisations operate and make money, to the type of goods and service they deliver and how they interact with their customers.

Here are The IT Insider’s Top 5 Tips for organisations that want to start taking advantage of IoT technologies:

Use IoT to add value and enhance the customer experience

To be useful, IoT devices need to create an always-on connection between your organisation and the outside world. By embedding connectivity into devices, you can essentially turn products into services – shifting the business value from the actual device to the benefits it delivers to them. The next trick is to ensure that you continue to develop and enhance the service you are providing to your customers, taking advantage of the connectivity to continuously add more value.

Give yourself room to grow and evolve

Whether you are a small start-up business, a large global enterprise, or somewhere in between, your long-term success will depend on the ability to scale. This means that it’s critical to develop solutions and partnerships that will be able to support future needs without major expense or disruption, rather than simply focusing on the current state of play.

Take advantage of the cloud

If you are going to manage connected services effectively and deliver the best possible customer experience, you’ll need real-time visibility and control. Cloud-based solutions are ideally suited in this scenario, delivering the speed, efficiency, low cost and ease of access needed to stay responsive to customer needs and scale quickly in line with changing demands.

Automation is key

Automating the management, maintenance, provisioning and support of IoT devices is critical to success. It will minimise response times and costs, whilst maximising efficiencies and agility to enable scale.

Secure your IoT future

Security is generally considered the biggest obstacle that IoT still needs to overcome, so it’s essential that new devices and connections are designed with security in mind, rather than simply as an afterthought. Ensure that you’re working in line with the latest best practices and consider collaborating with other industry players to develop security standards that will prove critical to the overall success of your IoT ecosystem.


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