The year of digital reinvention

Over the last few years, digital technologies have been proving increasingly disruptive across every area of our lives. From a business perspective, this has proved a major opportunity for both newcomers and those established players confident enough to move with the times. Those organisations that have failed to adapt however, have continued to falter.

What does the future hold?

A new study from the IBM Institute for Business Value has highlighted just how different today’s economic environment looks from a decade ago. Labelling it as ‘The Everyone to Everyone (E2E) Economy’, IBM identifies that digitally-advanced organisations are now operating and engaging through seamless collaboration and orchestration. This level of digital reinvention combines multiple technologies, including cloud, cognitive, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT), to create personalised and value-driven experiences for all stakeholders – from customers and employees through to partner organisations.

To succeed in the E2E Economy, businesses will need:

New Focus - redesigning business models and finding new ways to create value

New Expertise - building and expanding capabilities through a culture of openness, innovation and collaboration

New Ways to Work – digitising operations to optimise efficiencies and customer focus

The quality of experiences that can then be created will determine the winners and losers in today’s digital world, so getting the right technology in place to enable that transformation is essential.

Combining the power of mobile technology with cognitive computing will ensure that you can engage with your stakeholders in the right way – transforming both customer interactions and how employees work.

Moving beyond smartphones and tablets to a hyperconnected work of sensors, devices and augmented reality, mobile connects the digital and physical worlds to enhance our interactions. Cognitive computing provides the link between data and true understanding – enabling organisations to continuously learn and adapt.

View this summary infographic or download the Executive Report to find out more about digital reinvention for the E2E economy – what to expect and how to make it happen.

Re-inventing the wheel

As part of its transformation from traditional automotive manufacturer to mobility services provider, Ford has introduced FordPass® – a platform that reimagines the relationship between supplier and consumer. FordPass aims to do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans. Watch this video to find out more:

This virtual reality demonstration from IBM provides a great example of the power of integrating mobile and cognitive capabilities. IBM Interactive Experience (iX) has created an app that reimagines the driving experience through your smartphone and a simple cardboard viewer – using the power of IBM Watson to outsmart the road ahead.

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