It's a Mobile First World

What’s new and exciting in today’s Mobile First world?

What makes for a great mobile app and what impact can it have on user experience? What’s the future of mobile and how can businesses take advantage of the opportunities that are there for the taking today? Experts from across the mobile industry discussed these topics and more on their way to Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona – taking a ride in IBM’s Mobile Ideas Cab to share their insight and opinions.

Humans and Machines

The speed and power of change in mobile is proving a major force in driving business innovation, but there’s still an obvious skills gap in addressing the female market.


The User Experience

We need to change our perspective on what good ‘design’ means, to create apps for the new generation of mobile-first users.


Personal Environments

It's time to move away from the device in a world where anything can become a screen – whether it be a bathroom mirror or at point of sale in a retail outlet.


How mobile is changing everything

Cognitive Computing is bringing the power of social collaboration and human intelligence that we all appreciate in our personal lives into the business world


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