Gaming gets serious

A recent article from Compare the Cloud explored the increasing number of businesses that are adopting game-based features in the workplace, to improve employee engagement and productivity.

Expanding on the 'gamification' trend, IBM has created a project titled 'IBM Serious Games', which aims to use games as a means of tackling important business challenges. Allowing participants to sort and analyse data, overcome real-life issues and test potential solutions, the game play element helps employees to remain focused and establish a clear goal-orientated method of work.

The exact makeup of a Serious Game will depend on the industry, its target audience and the decisions taken by the development team, but there are usually a number of common features. Video simulation often plays a key role and participants learn by doing, rather than simply watching or listening.

With Serious Games already being used in a number of industries, Compare the Cloud's article highlights some key examples of how IBM is using gaming to do more than simply entertain.

You can read the article in full here

Real-life Cyber Security Training

One of the projects highlighted is 'Project Ares' - a massively multiplayer artificial intelligence based platform that uses a combination of real-time threat intelligence, a nextgen AI engine and natural language dialogue provided by IBM Watson to provide cyber warfare training.


The IT Insider previously talked to Satisnet about their CyberKombat experience, which combines this IBM technology with a live event to train security personnel in the latest skills needed to understand and defend against modern day cyber attacks.
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