Forrester: Build an AppStore into your corporate mobility strategy

Today, many employees use their personally owned smartphones and tablets for work to access a variety of mobile applications. Some companies are also proactively deploying mobile applications to interact with partners, suppliers, and customers. Companies often task security and risk (S&R) and infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives with managing and securing not just the device itself but the work-related applications on them.

IT executives in proactive companies are solving this challenge by deploying app stores that provide a self-service, user-friendly channel to distribute corporate-approved mobile applications and services to employees. IT uses today’s corporate app stores primarily to distribute corporate-approved mobile applications to employees, partners, or customers. However, during the next few years, these app stores will include expanded functionality such as content sharing, granular discovery, provisioning, and reporting and monitoring services that both IT professionals in I&O and S&R can use to support smartphones, tablets, and even PCs


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