Are you ready for the cloud?

Business leaders look at the cloud model and see new ways to accelerate innovation, create competitive advantages, and drive new business models. IT executives look at private, public and hybrid cloud models and see a host of new possibilities for positive IT outcomes, including:

  • Reduced CapEx by cutting unit costs for software-defined data centre (SDDC) infrastructure
  • Lower OpEx through streamlined and automated data centre operations
  • A better security-to-effort ratio through security controls that are native to infrastructure
  • Higher uptime thanks to high-availability, resilient infrastructure and proactive IT operations
  • Improved service delivery times through app and infrastructure delivery automation.

But all too often, a critical aspect of harnessing the cloud is overlooked: The organisational impact of moving to the cloud model. The fact is, the transition to the cloud model often requires an evolution in roles, skills, processes, and organisational structure. Yet many IT leaders become so focused on the vision or the technological requirements of the cloud that they lose sight of whether their IT staff is properly prepared for the new world. Organising for the cloud cannot be an afterthought in the formulation of an effective IT transformation strategy. When IT is in transition, roles and responsibilities are more important than ever. The right people, with the right skills, have to be in the right places and serve the right roles, or the transformation strategy will fail. On the other hand, proper preparation and a well-thought-out organisational structure can accelerate the implementation of your cloud strategies—and ensure the level of buy-in and support that spells the difference between success and failure.

This VMware White Paper looks at the organisational impacts of transformation from multiple perspectives and provides insights and advice about how to prepare for—and execute—a winning transformation strategy.